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Front Exterior
final exterior render
Master Washroom
render2 (1)
TV Room
Terrace Pool
Kids Washroom
Dining Room
Powder Room
Master Bedroom
Master Washroom
Powder Room

Site Area: 1000 Sq.m.

Located in Noida, a satellite city in the na - tional capital region, this residence is an epitome of elegant modern architecture. With a simple yet enormously posh moving façade, transparent glass walls and wide entrance made of an articulated revolving door, the residence gives you a sense of freedom and class. The see through shell and large balconies create spaces that reach out to the outdoors creating an alluring engagement with nature. Concrete, glass and wood have been beautifully blended together in this home and sets a subtle and classy aesthetic right from the first look while light animates and constantly changes the visual impact of the space.

The Seventy

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