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Area: 60,000 sq. ft.

The proposed design for the hotel in Lucknow intended to achieve optimum usage of available space to create a high-end luxurious hospitality brand for the city of Lucknow.

The design scheme of the hotel is such that the public areas are located on the first two floors of the building followed by the room levels well separated from each other by an intervening service level. The façade design reflects this scheme of vertical planning materially and visually, composing a minimalistic yet impactful impression of contemporary expression.

Interior design for the hotel is an eclectic combination of contemporary design languages blended weaving in luxury as its underlay. Involving a play of solids and voids, the overall composition and scale of interior spaces add an element of awe, which is complemented by the use of materials, all designed in synchronization with requirements of the various functions of the building.


Radisson Green

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