Front Exterior
final exterior render
Master Washroom
render2 (1)
TV Room
Terrace Pool
Kids Washroom
Dining Room
Powder Room
Master Bedroom
Master Washroom
Powder Room

Site Area: 10,000 sq. ft.

Located in the urban setting of a residential sector, the site is opportunely positioned at an intersection of two roads. The planning and spatial organizations of the villa adhere to the ancient science and principles of Vaastu, maintaining a sky lit triple-height living room space as the focal point of the house. The design boasts of views on the two adjacent open sides of the plot using a bold and semi-open double-height facade seemingly hanging on the ground floor. The blend of nature and water elements with a crisp modern- contemporary form of the building helps to soften the outlook of this majestic house, lending it a very urban look.

The Seventy