Garage Inc.


Area: 3000 sq ft



While the 28 year old fresco, ceiling and flooring is left untouched to retain the old world charm, the ambience speaks loud and clear about this being a relaxing place but with an industrial theme. The numerous framed images of the noteworthy and life-changing inventions and discoveries made in the past that are hung all over the place call out attention to the fact that how all great ideas start either in a garage or a workshop. It’s therefore safe to say that Garage Inc. is a watering hole celebrating such creative and innovative minds and places of work. The restaurant is spread across a vast area and houses plenty of wooden tables and comfortable wooden chair and couches strategically placed in, while ensuring enough space to move around with ease – a good example of well executed space management. The dim lighting further adds to the charm and oozes out relaxing vibes.

     AND Studio 2019
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