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DLF Mag c-3
DLF Mag 2-17
DLF Mag c-2
DLF Mag 2-85
DLF Mag 2-77
DLF Mag 2-9
DLF Mag 2-79
DLF Mag 2-5
DLF Mag 2-52
DLF Mag 2-51
DLF Mag 2-50
DLF Mag 2-61
DLF Mag 2-44
DLF Mag 2-40
DLF Mag 2-32
DLF Mag 2-35

Area: 8000 sq. ft.

The idea of the client was to give the home an expansive and upscale flavor with clean-lined furniture and a harmonious color scheme – to prevent the overall look from becoming overtly ostentatious...

There’s more to luxury than wealth – it is now measured in terms of good taste, class, and endurance. And when it comes to creating a modern luxe abode, we opted for simple yet quality materials for the renovation and included understated yet polished decorative elements, and stayed away from anything that borders gaudy.

1823, Penthouse, DLF Magnolias

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